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Recessed balcony glazing, finishing and insulation

You wish to get a wider apartment, to comfortably smoke on recessed balcony also in winter, to shelter from wind – just give us a call and we will agree and glaze your balcony, creating another nice and cosy room in your apartment.

We offer full-service balcony glazing, floor, ceiling and wall finishing to the highest quality criteria. We carry out insulation, finishing with plastic or wooden boards, making decorative plaster, installing sockets and lighting equipment. We use such materials that not only muffle noise, but also fulfil excellently heat regulation functions, so your apartment will be warm and pleasant even during the windiest autumn day, but you will be able to transform the recessed balcony into winter garden or comfortable place to spend leisurely evenings.

Our specialists are familiar with laws and regulations governing recessed balcony glazing, the steps required to obtain approvals, so we will be able to advise you and find the most convenient and easiest way to realize your ideas without endless paperwork.


Finishing of apertures of PVC, wooden and aluminium windows, doors and off-standard structures

Finishing of apertures of windows, doors and other off-standard structures will ensure that, after installation work, your home will recover orderly, complete as visually attractive look. Some clients initially refuses this service or companies that deal with window and door installation do not offer it, but in such case the fact shall be taken into account that window and door apertures will not remain very good looking. Window and door installation without finishing of apertures is like a cake without garnish.

In order to provide our clients a complete service, we offer high-quality finishing of apertures that will be carried out respecting the overall style of housing and range of colours used. Our masters will take care that even after several years, your window and door apertures look like just finished as the selected materials will be in accordance with specific site requirements.

Give your new window and door apertures an attractive visual appearance to obtain the sense of accomplished work and enjoyment to your eyes!



Our client advisors are ready to answer your questions, seek for the best solutions for all our offered services; besides, you can get an advise not at our office only, but also contacting us by e-mail or phone. If necessary, we provide advisor visit at your object, to evaluate the situation at site and find the best solution.
As we are distributors of several window and door manufacturers’ production in Latvia, we encourage the companies dealing with the development of large construction projects to cooperate – we will help you to find the most appropriate solution for each situation and select the right materials for window and door installation to keep your customer satisfied but you – invested only necessary financial resources, but not overpaid.
To contact us, please, see under Contacts.


Installation of PVC, aluminum and wooden windows and doors, as well as off-standard structures

Unfortunately, everything does not end with purchase of top-quality windows or doors. The windows or doors of the highest quality when installed poorly will note provide all the advantages specified by the manufacturer. Respecting our clients’ time and money, we offer professionally made installation of windows, doors and off-standard structures during which certified, durable materials fulfilling the requirements of the highest quality in order our clients’ need not to waste time and spend extra money for additional repair due to faulty installation.

Our skilled craftsmen who have obtained Rehau Academy certificate that proves the skills to carry out top-quality window and door installation, will assess the condition of each particular building to select the most appropriate type of installation and materials used.

We carry out installation of windows, doors and off-standard structures at a time convenient to the client in compliance with all safety and good service standards as our company’s value is satisfied customers.


Window adjustment is another option to extend the duration of window’s positive features – noise muffling, heat regulation, etc. If your window is not as easy to open as it was shortly after installation, if you feel air flow along the window also when it is fully closed, it is time to seek help from professionals.

Window and door adjustment provides:

  • preventing of unwanted air flow;
  • leaf idle test;
  • adjustment of fittings components;
  • inspection and adjustment of leaf diagonals;
  • cleaning and lubrication of mechanisms.

After qualitatively made adjustment, the window and doors fully perform their functions, besides, adjustment also extends the duration of mechanism functioning and the window and doors less wear out. We recommend carrying out preventive adjustment of windows and doors at least once a year. And entrust this job to professionals as only such way it can be guaranteed that the adjustment will show good results.

Remember – the more attention you will pay to preventive maintenance of windows and doors, the longer you will note have to worry about the need to acquire new Windows and doors.


Fittings repair and replacement

Broken window handle, the child began to open window in his room, but you are afraid of his safety, you want a more comfortable way to close the balcony donors? We have no problems to ensure this! We cooperate with major and the best window and door manufacturers, so we can offer various solutions for each of your problem. Our professional specialists are ready not only advising you to find the best way of problem solving but also repair or replace the necessary fittings.

We offer a wide range of different decorative elements to give your doors and Windows desired look and style. In our suppliers’ catalogues you will definitely find what you are looking for and we will deliver it in short term.

Any great thing is made of many small things. Similarly, it is also with high-quality windows and doors. Only equipped with required fittings in accordance to your desire, they will be easy to use and able to perform all the functions that you expect from them.

Repair, warranty and post warranty maintenance of PVC, wooden windows, doors and off-standard structures

If you wish longer service life for your windows and doors, we recommend carrying out their maintenance from time to time. During this maintenance, the condition of windows and doors will be inspected, if necessary, replaced that parts which no longer fulfil their functions properly, lubricated hinges and performed other activities aimed at improving of the operation of windows and doors and preventing potential problems timely.

All types of windows and doors that you can purchase with us, is 5-year warranty period. During this period, we perform window and door maintenance free of charge and, if necessary, offer repair for very favourable prices. We guarantee that all obligations stipulated in window and door warranty certificate, from our side, will be fulfilled very carefully. Also, when the warranty period is over, you will not have to worry about who will carry out maintenance of windows and doors, because we will willingly do it at your convenience.

We also carry out warrant, post warranty maintenance and repair for variety of off-standard structures.

Since we cooperate with several major window and door manufacturers, we have a variety of necessary spare parts and accessories to do the maintenance of windows and doors and off-standard structures as qualitative as possible in short terms.


Replacement of glass units

Damaged or broken glass unit is not yet a death sentence to the window itself– we offer you replacement of glass unit that will significantly reduce repair costs and time required for it. You will not have to pay for new window frame but only for glass unit; window apertures also will not be damaged during repair.

We carry out replacement of glass units for PVC, wooden and aluminium windows, as well as for off-standard structures. There is nothing we practically cannot do and we perform our job quickly and efficiently so you could get pleasure from our cooperation. We also work in objects of increased complexity where special equipment and high craftsmanship are required.

Although it seems that replacement of glass unit is simple task that you can do by yourself, remember that in case of failure you will have to replace the whole window, so it is better to entrust this job for professionals who are familiar with specificity of various windows and will not make mistakes in their activities.

If you have any questions regarding replacement of particular glass units, do not hesitate to contact us, as our knowledgeable customer service professionals will quickly find a favourable solution to your problem.

Sale of PVC, wooden and aluminium windows and doors, as well as off-standard structures

Today no one doubts that outstanding quality windows and doors provide heat insulation, dampen noise, create desired look of the building, but there is a saying –what fits everything, fits nothing. Similarly it is also with windows and doors – a solution that will work great in one situation may be completely useless in another situation.

We offer wide range of windows and doors, as well as off-standard structures. We have both wooden and PVC, as well as aluminium windows, so by identifying your needs and capabilities, we could offer the best possible solution. We will not offer products that do not meet your needs, because a satisfied customer is of importance to us.

Since we cooperate with major and the best window and door manufacturers, such as Rehau, Brügmann, Veka, etc. we offer our customers a high quality and safe product. Moreover, we sell not only windows and doors, but also their decorative elements. Wide choice of handles and other components.

We provide our customers also free warranty maintenance and repair of windows and doors – we will arrive quickly and eliminate occurred damages, unless it is necessary.


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